12.mike stachowiak(non-registered)
I never realized I work with such a talented individual!
11.Cindy Keith(non-registered)
I'm really impressed...these are really good!!!
10.Brent The Canadian Burton(non-registered)
Amazing site. Pics are fantastic. The CANADIAN maple leaf as your first shot. Perfect way to start it. Congrats on making it happen brother. I know it was along road.
9.Sara Riddle(non-registered)
Hey, Joshua, sent me the link to you page, Your stuff is amazing! One of my favorite types of photography. The back and whites are creative!
8.Scott Lukomski(non-registered)
Hey Thom, great work. I really like the indoor barn scenes, nice use of light in an otherwise dark situation. Also liked the UP photos. I've seen the Tahquamenon falls a million times, and your photos captured them perfectly! Well done.
6.Matt Eggert(non-registered)
Really nice. The framing of the shots is great. Love your eye for light.
4.Maggie Shee(non-registered)
Have you sent any of these proofs to the postcard companies or state tourism boards??? Great work Thom!
3.Veronica Stevens(non-registered)
Awesome photos, Thom. Great job!
2.Carla Eggert(non-registered)
Awesome photos!
1.Katie O'Kelley(non-registered)
I love your albums. Great Job and I look forward to seeing more!
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